What is business process automation?

Business process automation means taking a previously manual task and making it automated through software. This can include taking a business processes like passing papers from desk to desk and replacing it with a more efficient and less error-prone status-driven web application. It can also include importing shipping costs from UPS and applying those fees automatically to their associated jobs. The key element of business process automation is that it reduces costs and increases efficiency. No longer will your talented employees have to spend their valuable time performing simple tasks, but they will be free to apply their experiences and domain-knowledge to solve bigger problems. Simply put, business process automation allows you to optimize your resources and makes your company significantly more lean.

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How does BHW do business process automation?

Our developers love solving problems and have a passion for creating software that does just that. We have worked with numerous companies in several industries to automate their business practices. We face each new problem with this treasure trove of experiences to draw from. Our observations made while working with oil and gas companies, non-profits, healthcare providers, and automotive repair companies (just to name a few), allow us to think outside of the box and bring a unique perspective to your project.

What about business process management?

Business process management means reconsidering, reinventing, or optimizing the way in which a company completes tasks. It involves finding ways to optimize processes and reduce wasted time and costs. Business process automation is a core component of business process management. Even though we are primarily a software company, BHW offers complete business process management consulting. We understand what software can do and what it can’t. We design processes that optimally distribute and coordinate workflow electronically and manually.

What else does BHW bring to these projects?

In addition to this business knowledge and experience, BHW is acutely aware of modern web and mobile development technologies and best practices. This means that we often propose things that clients never considered or thought they would be unable to afford. We take the time to understand how you currently work, how you want to work, and have the experience needed to bridge that gap. Start your business process automation project with The BHW Group today and begin working smarter tomorrow.

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