BHW and Machine Learning

Machine learning is all around us and we experience its benefits everyday. Previously a research area reserved for universities and large R&D corporations like Google, Facebook, and Amazon, machine learning development technology and platforms have now matured to the point of being useful to businesses of all sizes. From computer vision to natural language processing, machine learning can solve many problems that historically required human intelligence and analysis. Machine learning can even create new media, from photos styled to resemble famous works of painters to music and more.

Machine learning development can be applied to many problems, and typical machine learning problems include:

-Object and facial recognition from video and images, including conversion of recognized features to natural language entities such as recognizing and labeling that a photo occurred in front of a pharmacy, or that people are present in the photo, identifying and avoiding obstacles in self-driving cars, etc.

-Natural language processing such as chatbots, spam detection, classification and grouping of responses based on sentiment, offensive content flagging, automatic essay scoring, feature extraction such as addresses or other data from responses, etc.

-Classification of content, such as grouping songs by genre using only their audio sound, or selecting sets of photos of the same object, identifying potentially fraudulent activity, etc.

-Prediction of future values given features and context, such as predicting responses to marketing offers, estimating property values, etc.

-Combinations and mixtures of all of the above!

Machine learning solutions can be used in isolation or as part of a larger system. Often web and mobile apps can utilize the great power of machine learning to provide a more intelligent, engaging, and more reliable experience. If you think you might be able to utilize machine learning on your next project, we provide free consultations and are always excited to discuss new projects.

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