Mobile App Development

At The BHW Group, we love mobile apps! Be it Android, iOS, or hybrid, we can have the experience needed to bring your app ideas to the Android and iOS app stores. Whether you need help designing, developing, or monetizing your app, we’ve got you covered.

Website Development

The BHW Group has been designing and developing websites for over a decade. That experience enables us to create cost-effective and elegant solutions for the web. Our team has the breadth and depth of knowledge needed to handle your unique challenges.

Mobile App Design

Great mobile apps begin with fantastic mobile designers. Our team of mobile design experts has a passion for bringing your apps to phones and tablets in the style that best meets the needs of your customers. We have the mobile design expertise needed to make your app stand out from the crowd!

Website Design & UI/UX

Our Austin-based team takes the time to understand your goals and your users. Great design combines usability for aesthetics to create something that is intuitive, powerful, and beautiful. Working with BHW on your website design project will make your site truly stand out from the crowd.

iOS App Development

Many companies are finding that they need a mobile app to remain competitive in today’s business environment. Building an iOS app is a great way to get started! The BHW Group has experience building iPhone & iPad apps using numerous approaches and understands what is the best fit for your project.

Android App Development

Android has become a dominant force in the mobile app space. Having an Android app can help promote your brand, provide additional revenue, or even streamline your business processes. Whether you need an app for internal business use or are looking to dominate the Google Play Store, The BHW Group can develop a top of the line Android app that will meet your exact needs.

Responsive Website Design

With the rapidly increasing amount of mobile and tablet users, responsive website have become the standard in web development. By going responsive we able to provide an optimal experience for all users and significantly reduce your development and maintenance costs. BHW has been designing and developing responsive websites for years and has the experience needed to guide your project.

Business Process Automation

Designing and developing business process automation software requires an in-depth understanding of your specific business practices, the ability to approach problems with a fresh perspective, and a thorough understand of what is technologically possible. At The BHW Group, we take great pride in being able to offer business process automation services that will streamline and optimize the way you work.

Business Intelligence Reporting

Capturing and analyzing massive amounts of data has become a huge competitive advantage in today’s business climate. Business Intelligence (BI) systems enable decision makes to easily visualize these datasets and empowers them to make more informed choices. The BHW Group has designers and developers who can craft and create a BI system tailored to your specific industry and company.

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