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Ballistic X is a passion project several years in the making. After stepping into the Precision shooting community, they realized there was a need for a tool for measuring and quantifying the performance of both the gear and the shooter. This was the birth of Ballistic-X. They began scrawling down ideas, soliciting feedback, and laying a foundation for what would one day become Ballistic X.

BHW worked with Ballistic X to understand their vision, initial drawings, and lists of potential features. We then designed and developed an incredibly simple and elegantly powerful tool that has been embraced by this highly active and discerning community. When Ballistic X launched, it quickly rose to the #2 paid sports app on the App Store and #3 paid app on all of Google Play. Today it remains very high in both of these charts. The app continues to receive high praise and high ratings in both app stores and throughout social media.

BHW was responsible for all mobile app design and development of this product and remains highly involved in ongoing and future developments.


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