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BHW is the premiere mobile app development company in Austin, TX. We have repeatedly been selected as one of the top development agencies in Austin, throughout Texas, or anywhere in the US and nationally. Over the past 15 years, we have built mobile apps for large corporations such as Chick-fil-A, public organizations including The University of Texas, start-ups, and non-profits. Our applications have been used by millions, generated and captured hundreds of millions in revenue for our clients, received numerous awards, and have ranked in the top listings of both the Google Play and iOS app stores.

Mobile App Developers

BHW is powered by our team of world-class developers. All of our work is done in-house by full time staff, based in Austin, TX. We do not offshore or outsource and you can be confident in knowing exactly who is working on your app. At BHW, we put in the hard work to recruit, train, and maintain a group of incredibly talented mobile app developers. Our median employee duration is six years and we have been selected as one of the best places to work in Austin, by the Austin Business Journal, each of the last four years. This commitment to our team, and industry leading employee retention, means we are able to offer extremely consistent and reliable development services to all of our clients. Any expertise our team gains over the course of your project will not be lost when it is time for your next project to begin.

With BHW, you can be confident in knowing that any developer on your project is highly capable, participates in regular training to ensure their skills are current, understands the details of your project, and has all their code reviewed by another lead mobile app developer.

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Mobile App Designers

Mobile App Process - UX Design Diagram

In today’s world of mobile app proliferation, a mobile app must have a highly intuitive user-experience with a compelling and beautiful user-interface to merit an install. BHW is a full-service digital agency that includes a tremendously talented team of Austin-based mobile app designers. We have experience utilizing highly established brand standards and have helped smaller companies establish their digital style. We utilize a proven iterative and transparent design process that draws from our decade-plus of design experience and ensures reliable and delightful results. Our designers are well-versed in modern design techniques, processes, tools, and methodologies.

One common problem of many other mobile app development agencies is a failure to properly handle the design to development handoff process, producing a beautiful design that fails to account for the real-world realities of modern devices. In many situations, designers will create something that does not function within the larger system, will not properly account for more complicated application states, fails to account for numerous screen sizes, or neglects a particular platform limitation. In addition, many developers are not capable of implementing designs in a pixel-perfect fashion. Either of these situations can be disastrous to a mobile app development project. Given how much time and effort is spent in the design process, it is imperative that those designs are executed perfectly. Unlike others, BHW’s mobile design and development teams work closely and seamlessly, throughout your project, to deliver our services and fulfill your vision without surprises or compromises.

At BHW, we follow established processes and rely on tools that assist in this handoff process. In addition, we capitalize on the advantages of being a full-service agency and keep open communication between all roles throughout the project. This ensures developer concerns are caught early and gives designers the opportunity to review the developed product as it is built to ensure their vision was implemented properly.

Mobile App Development Technologies

When building a mobile app, there are numerous key decisions that must be made throughout the app development process. One of the primary decisions made on any mobile app development project is what technologies will be utilized. Many mobile development companies have a default technology that they utilize for every project. This can be a limiting approach that can be incredibly detrimental to the long term success, maintainability, and performance of the app. Because mobile apps and devices are a constantly evolving medium, their technological landscape is ever-evolving. If a mobile app development company is building apps today the same way they were even three years ago, they are falling behind.

At BHW, we have over 15 years of experience evaluating and utilizing emergent and established technologies on large and small development projects. For mobile app development, we utilize platform-specific native technologies, cross-platform native technologies (such as React Native and Flutter), and cross-platform web-based solutions (such as Ionic). We have built numerous mobile apps using all of these approaches and are adept at evaluating all possible options for each project. By not relying on a default cookie-cutter list of tools and technologies, we ensure that each mobile app we build utilizes the ideal technologies to best match your project’s needs.

Mobile App Development Process

Mobile App Process - Development Diagram

Software development methodologies and approaches are constantly changing. It is important to understand how your project is managed and what your role will be throughout the process. We structure our projects so that you will know exactly what is needed from you and your team during each step of the mobile app development and design phases. This allows us to collectively meet our timeline goals during each project phase. Moreover, we utilize a highly iterative and transparent mobile app development process that ensures there are no surprises from start to finish.

At BHW, we take a pragmatic approach to project staffing and process formality. We realize that no two clients are the same. We also realize that your team has several other projects underway at any given time. Therefore, we do everything possible to adapt the roles we serve and the processes we utilize to meet your unique needs. Many other mobile app development agencies assign a pre-configured team to every single project for the entire duration of the project, or insist on using a specific methodology that might not fit your project. This inflexibility results in duplication of effort and is wasteful of your time, experience, and budget. We evaluate each project individually to understand what roles we need to play and how we will engage your team. There are certain best practices, processes, and steps we utilize on every project, but you will find our team is highly flexible and wants to work alongside your team to achieve your goals.

Mobile App Development Support

Mobile App Process - Monitoring Diagram

BHW prides itself on longterm relationships with our clients. Our consistency, reliability, and value has rewarded us with the opportunity to have over decade long relationships with numerous companies. Over 80% of our clients in the past 4 years are multi-project and multi-year engagements. This repeat, and longterm business, is indicative of the quality of our work and our client’s success.

A driving force behind these relationships is BHW’s commitment to stand behind all of the apps we create. Some other mobile app development companies typically prefer only to work on the initial versions of apps. We instead work with our clients to continually improve their products. One of the best aspects of well-built mobile apps is that they collect meaningful and actionable analytics that can be reviewed for continual refinement. We build all of our solutions to include robust alerting, metrics gathering, and reporting. This approach ensures we can properly scale and tune our systems as your project matures and your user base grows. Our clients are able to rest easily knowing that the same development team that built their system is always ready to respond to any issues or to begin a new phase of their project.

Next Steps for your Mobile App

If you are looking for help on your next mobile app development project, then you are definitely in the right place. We are happy to work with businesses of all sizes and industries. If you are in Austin or nearby in Texas, we are welcome to schedule a meeting at our office and introduce you to our team. We also service clients around the US and across the globe, so don’t hesitate to reach out if there is anything you would like to discuss with our talented team of mobile app developers and designers.

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