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BHW & Medical App Development

BHW is an award winning medical app development company. The highlight of our medical app portfolio is Carecycle Navigator, which was a 2015 SXSW Innovation Award finalist. This application monitors thousands of patients, and evaluates millions of data points to drastically improve coordinated care of patients and dramatically reduce rehospitalization rates. This system includes several electronic medical records (EMR) integrations, many utilizing HL7 interfaces.

BHW is also the primary development partner for the American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP). We have built dozens of web and mobile applications for AANP over our 7-year relationship. These apps are used to manage their member relationships, national conferences, and political efforts. During our partnership with AANP their online presence has flourished, as have their membership numbers and donation totals.

Our medical app development experience also extends to medical device integrations, insurance quoting platforms, and healthcare enrollment systems. Our team understands the unique challenges faced by healthcare companies and has the experience needed to design and develop world class medical applications.

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