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Hatchways - Web app screenshot Hatchways - Web app screenshot Hatchways - Web app screenshot Hatchways - Web app screenshot Hatchways - Web app screenshot

Hatchways is a revolutionary co-working space that boasts a bold and futuristic aesthetic, best-in-class health-forward cafe, and a meticulously curated and designed physical space. It is the place where people go to get their best work done.

Hatchways partnered with BHW to create a full-service solution that digitally delivers all their goods and services in a frictionless and professional experience for their members and guests. Our solution enables customers to manage their memberships, reserve conference rooms, learn about upcoming events, order food from the café, cater meetings, and much more. The solution also includes a custom meeting room iPad app that enables members to easily respond to their unanticipated needs, such as monitoring their meeting status, reserving additional time, and placing additional café orders.

Our solution has allowed Hatchways to manage all aspects of their food ordering, order fulfillment, order reporting, inventory, and membership. In addition, this system integrates with the Hatchways wifi network and cafe POS, such that all members are able to access the full breadth of the Hatchways offering through a single application and with a single payment method.

Hatchways leadership had this to say about the project: “What an utterly magnificent piece of work! I would go so far as to say that the entire Hatchways concept has been brought to life through its web platform. I would also say that I don’t know of another web platform in our business realm that remotely stands up to ours.”

BHW remains highly involved with numerous ongoing and upcoming projects with Hatchways. We continue to design and develop improvements to completed projects and have several additional projects underway.


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