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What Is Business Process Consulting?

Business process consulting is a specialized field that focuses on helping companies analyze, streamline, and transform the way they do business. The goals are to cut costs, increase profits, and provide a better experience for both staff and customers. Depending on the nature of your business and the processes you currently employ, business process consulting might result in simple fine-tuning or a radical overhaul of how your company currently conducts business. Here is a look at some of the common recommendations.

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Front Office Transformation

Since the dawn of the information age, technology has been considered a key support for traditional business strategies. Today, however, this is not enough. Information and interactivity no longer play a supporting role to other strategies—they have become core strategies in their own right. Taking your place as a 21st century business means entirely transforming your front office to meet changing expectations. Front office transformation involves two key components, both designed to offer value to you as well as your customers.

Digital Front Office: A digital front office is a broad reimagining of how you interact with consumers. Today, customers expect to conduct business online at their convenience rather than visiting a physical storefront during regular operating hours. Switching wholly or partly to digital front office operations provides unprecedented opportunities to interact, engage, and ultimately retain customers. We will show you how to add real value, ultimately improving your own bottom line.

Globally Integrated Enterprise:This refers to the internal business operations that must be reinvented to support your digital front office. In today’s highly competitive Internet marketplace, the most successful companies are fully integrated, lean, and highly agile. We will show you how to prepare to meet changing market factors and customer demands without losing your focus or company vision.

Key Process Redesign

Successfully transforming your business into a streamlined operation capable of meeting new challenges and opportunities often involves a complete redesign of some of your key processes. Old ways of doing business do not always fit today’s needs, but it can be tough for company owners to figure out what to change.

Strategic Planning: We will gather a great deal of information about your company’s current infrastructure, operations, and target goals, and then use sophisticated planning and projection software to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your current processes. We will explain our results and suggestions to you and work together to develop a strategic plan.

Streamlining: Our goal is to help your company transform into a leaner, more agile business model that allows you to work smarter, not harder. We will show you how to remove redundant reporting, cut through red tape, and integrate your business processes in ways that support this goal. Every step of the way, we will incorporate technology as appropriate. This helps free up your employees to do what they do best while ensuring that you have access to the latest in analytics, data streams, and other vital 21st century tools.

Outsourcing: One topic that even seasoned business owners often struggle with is when, where, and how to outsource. Your company is your baby, and it is only natural to want to maintain control over every aspect of its growth and development. However, for most businesses, there comes a time when outsourcing makes sense.

Business Process Management

For jobs that require highly specialized knowledge that no one on your team has, outsourcing allows you to draw on the power of experts in that particular area. Likewise, some jobs require little specialized knowledge of exactly what your company does. Outsourcing those projects allows you to funnel your human resources into the jobs for which they are most vital.

Real-Time Adjustment: One of the key components in responsible business process consulting is helping the client adjust new processes as needed to account for real-world factors. The sophisticated solutions we use allow you to monitor and adjust your processes as needed in real time, and see the results right away. Being able to respond to changing market factors as they occur will help you ensure that your business is ready to weather any storm.

Do you need an expert in business process consulting or business process management? With a team of specialists covering a wide range of skill sets and backgrounds, The BHW Group is prepared to help your company make the transformations needed to remain competitive in today’s high-tech marketplace.

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