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March 1 2021
Eileen Bau / Development
Habit Burger Mobile App Screenshots

BHW’s mobile application for The Habit Burger Grill recently surpassed a huge milestone - it now has more than 1 million downloads! Let’s take a look back and unpack what made this app so successful. We’ll look at the business factors that influenced our design and development considerations from the beginning, and how those considerations were carefully materialized in the features we built.

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February 28 2021
Eileen Bau / Development
Sprinkles site preview

From design to development, we helped transform Sprinkles’ ordering system to give customers the ability to order exactly what they want, how they want, when they want it. We were able to design a solution that significantly improved their web ordering experience without disrupting their existing processes or other existing systems. We also designed our solution in such a way that we can continue to improve their host of digital products in the order of largest benefit.

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October 3 2016
Ross Dixon / Development
The React Native Logo. React Native is a framework for building native apps using React

React Native has quickly become our preferred way to write mobile apps. The ability to write code once and have it run well on both Android and iOS really helps development. But what about when we need to write platform specific, low level code? React Native lets us do that too! Via its Java bridge and JNI, we can run C code on Android (we'll cover iOS in a later article) and get the results back in JavaScript.

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August 8 2016
Jason Gray / Development
AngularJS logo - ngInfiniteScroll Example

In this article, I will review a place where I had previously created a function to load 30 days of patient data with a “Show More” button and how I switched that to an infinite scroll for a more elegant user experience as the application matured and we had greater amounts of older data that is only occasionally reviewed.

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March 14 2016
Clayton Anderson / Development
Clayton Anderson Speaking on ReactJS at the March 2016 Austin ReactJS Meetup

At BHW, we are big fans of ReactJS and React Native. We have developed several web and mobile applications using these technologies and our Technical Strategist and Partner, Clayton Anderson, has been lead developer on many of those projects. He also wrote our internal React app template and trains all new BHW web and mobile developers. He was the presenter at the March 2016 Austin React and React Native Meetup. His presentation was titled "A Pragmatic Intro to React."

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November 16 2015
Brett Burnett / Development
Migrating to Jekyll from Drupal

We recently migrated our website and blog from Drupal to Jekyll. In this article we cover the reasons behind our decision.

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November 4 2015
Kevin Wade / Development
Example of an Android ListView from the Backspin App.

Writing bad Android ListViews can lead to crashes and poor performance. This guide has several examples that will help you write better Android Listviews.

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August 11 2015
Taylor Smith / Development
Node & Salesforce logos

Salesforce can be a tricky but powerful tool. Using JSForce and some custom triggers you can integrate Salesforce with your custom NodeJS web application for better business management.

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