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Mobile Development in 2015

In 2015, we believe the app development market will see 8 significant changes. We’ve created an infographic to walk you through the changes in the mobile development market and the statistics to help you understand the impact. Did you know that there are 256 million mobile users? And that number is only growing. Fact: App development revenue will reach $100 billion in 2015.

Mobile Development in 2015

Do you need an expert in mobile development for the coming new year? With a team of specialists covering a wide range of skill sets and backgrounds, The BHW Group is prepared to bring your vision to life.

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Paul serves as the primary point of contact for many of BHW’s clients. He assists app owners in making high-level decisions and guides them through the entire application strategy, design, development, deployment, monitoring, and refinement processes. As a developer, Paul has worked on numerous web and mobile projects, including several of BHW’s flagship applications. Outside of work, Paul is an avid baseball fan, amateur film critic, and a struggling runner.