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Austin Best Places to Work 2016

2016 Austin Business Journal Best Places to Work List

The BHW Group is thrilled to announce that we have been selected as a 2016 Austin Business Journal’s Best Places to Work finalist. This nomination reflects our steadfast commitment to providing the best possible work environment and community. Employee happiness has been a core tenant at BHW since its founding 11 years ago. We built and continue to grow our company with this employee-first approach.

We would like to thank our extraordinary team for all they do to make BHW a fantastic place to work. We love the camaraderie, honest sense of community, and fun environment we have at BHW. This award is something that each and every person at BHW helped accomplish.

If BHW seems like a fantastic place to work, that’s because it is. If you are interested in joining our quickly growing team, learn more about BHW and our application process on our careers page.

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Paul serves as the primary point of contact for many of BHW’s clients. He assists app owners in making high-level decisions and guides them through the entire application strategy, design, development, deployment, monitoring, and refinement processes. As a developer, Paul has worked on numerous web and mobile projects, including several of BHW’s flagship applications. Outside of work, Paul is an avid baseball fan, amateur film critic, and a struggling runner.