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Pragmatic Intro to React - March 2016 Austin ReactJS Meetup

Clayton Anderson speaking at the March 2016 Austin React and React Native Meetup

At BHW, we are big fans of ReactJS and React Native. We have developed several web and mobile applications using these technologies and recently began organizing the Austin React and React Native Meetup. For the March 2016 Meetup, our speaker was Clayton Anderson. Clayton is our Technical Strategist and a Partner at The BHW Group. In this role he has been the lead developer on several React and React Native projects, he wrote our internal React app template, and trains all of our new web and mobile developers. His presentation was titled "A Pragmatic Intro to React." Below is a video of his presentation, his annotated slides, and code samples. This event was hosted at the newly opened BazaarVoice office in North Austin.



The slides for this presentation can be downloaded here: Pragmatic Intro to React Slides.


Here are the code samples from this presentation:

What's Next

If you enjoyed the presentation, please consider joining our Meetup! If you have any feedback on this presentation or have topic requests for next time, please let us know. Thanks to everyone who came out to this Meetup! We enjoyed getting to meet other Austin React developers and are looking forward to the next meeting!

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In addition to providing technical mentorship and project guidance for clients, Clayton has a passion for software development education - both for BHW's team and with the larger programming community. At BHW, Clayton has worked on dozens of apps across a wide range of industries. Outside of work, Clayton plays the bass guitar and enjoys reading about history, science, or philosophy.