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Brett is a customer-focused executive who works closely with his team members and often takes a hands-on role in project execution. He blends strong business skills with deep technology expertise, allowing him to bridge the often insurmountable gap between business and IT. By mastering both domains, Brett can quickly conceive and operationalize new solutions that are technically elegant and commercially successful.



November 4 2013
Brett Burnett / Development mvc

In our last article we described the Service and Presentation layer choices in our ASP.Net MVC application template.  In our fourth and final article on ASP.Net MVC Principles, we discuss BHW's Visual Studio project template and how it helps us quickly start projects with a great foundation.  We also discuss when to apply the template and some of the value the template brings to our projects.

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October 30 2013
Brett Burnett / Development

In parts one and two of our four part series on ASP.Net MVC Principles we discussed the object oriented design concepts behind our application template.  We also discussed Dependency Injection and how our application template is divided into three layers, Data Access Layer, Services Layer, and Presentation Layer. We described the Data Access Layer in the last article.  In this article we will describe our services and presentation layers.

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October 29 2013
Brett Burnett / Development mvc lifecycle

In our first article we explained the object oriented design patterns behind our ASP.NET MVC Principles.  Here we explain how our MVC projects are divided into different abstraction layers and how those layers interact via Dependency Injection.

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October 28 2013
Brett Burnett / Development
MVC principles triangle

Our clients often ask us to explain the architecture decisions behind the ASP.Net MVC principles in our standard application template. We’ve had these discussions a number of times and felt it would make a great blog series. Here we start with our first part of a planned four-part series describing our MVC project template.

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