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November 2013

November 25 2013
Jason Gray / Development
unified search using Lucene

One of our clients provides an information-rich website for their customers, containing business data from multiple sources.  Like all companies, our client wants to make their content easily accessible for their website users; however, without a unified search for business data strategy our client could only provide search for a small portion of their data.

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November 13 2013
Paul Francis / Mobile
geofence in mobile apps

Geofencing is a popular option for modern mobile applications.  The concept of a geofence is simple; draw a virtual boundary around a point on a map, like a fence around a yard, which can then monitor when a mobile device crosses the boundary.

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November 4 2013
Brett Burnett / Development mvc

In our last article we described the Service and Presentation layer choices in our ASP.Net MVC application template.  In our fourth and final article on ASP.Net MVC Principles, we discuss BHW's Visual Studio project template and how it helps us quickly start projects with a great foundation.  We also discuss when to apply the template and some of the value the template brings to our projects.

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