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July 27 2015
Taylor Smith / Mobile
Using Cordova to make an iOS and Android app from an AngularJS web app

Cordova is Apache's tool to convert a web application into a native application. It supports all of the major mobile operating systems and provides the ability to use natie features like the camera, device status, and file system. There are a few frameworks out there that build off of this including Ionic and Phonegap. If you've heard of Phonegap, you may be familiar with this concept.

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June 12 2015
Paul Francis / Mobile
Hybrid mobile apps built with HTML 5, Javascript, and CSS

Hybrid mobile apps are an attempt to reduce the cost and barrier to entry for mobile app development. They do this by targeting multiple platforms using a single codebase written in HTML, CSS, & Javascript. Apps that take this approach are created much in the same way that modern websites are made, but rather than being viewed in a mobile web browser, the app is placed inside a small native wrapper that allows it to be submitted to app stores and installed like any other mobile app. If all goes according to plan, developers will never have to write a single line of native code and users will not have the faintest idea that they are using a hybrid app.

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