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December 1 2014
Brett Burnett / Business
Austin Parking App

Today it’s easy to assume there is a mobile app or website for anything you need. Businesses are compelled to represent their brand, products, and services in the mobile space in order to keep up with competition, maintain market share, and attract new customers. Increasingly there are stiff penalties for ignoring your mobile presence with your customers and prospects.

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November 6 2014
Paul Francis / Mobile
How Long Mobile App Teaser

Developing one or more mobile apps is a smart choice for many companies. Apps help you engage directly with consumers, perform market research, and enhance brand loyalty. Because of the specialized skill set required, many businesses find it more cost-effective to hire a specialized app development company rather than going it alone.

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October 20 2014
Paul Francis / Business
Austin Web Development Skyline

This article will focus on what it means to be an Austin web development company and how that affects the way we work, what it’s like to work with us, and our overall approach to web development. Just to mix things up, I will use various Austin businesses and attractions to introduce my points.

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October 9 2014
Paul Francis / Business
App Development icon

Moving into web and mobile app development is a strong business decision for many companies. Building apps lets you interact directly with your customers in exciting new ways, and can strengthen brand loyalty among consumers. It gives you a new channel for getting your message out, and even lets you learn more about your target market.

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October 7 2014
Brett Burnett / Business
Web Development in Austin

2015 marks BHW's ninth year of web development in Austin. It's fun for us to chat with old clients and hear that they're still using systems we built for them nine years ago. Recently during a college recruiting trip we actually had to register for a career fair and post jobs in a system that we built for a client in 2002. We're so happy to see projects like these stand the test of time, because nine years in web development might as well be an eternity.

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October 6 2014
Dean Davison / Business
Hadoop logo

Data analysis and presentation tend to be common weak points of web and mobile applications for many businesses. Most have legacy reporting solutions, which still use straight SQL queries for reporting. This provides little, if any, flexibility to the user.

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September 30 2014
Brett Burnett / Development
AngularJS React Om

In our first article on Single Page Applications we presented a REST JSON API running on Clojure with CouchDB. In this article we build on the previous article by introducing our client-side application.

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September 23 2014
Jason Gray / Development
MongoDB logo

MongoDB is now the fifth most commonly used database in the world. Frequently clients approach MongoDB and NoSQL from an all or nothing position. They chose to completely adopt NoSQL or stay entirely with an RDBMS. Imagine a scenario where your company or your client’s company is heavily invested in the "Microsoft Stack" and has a mature on-line software product that has grown over many years.

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