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August 11 2015
Taylor Smith / Development
Node & Salesforce logos

Salesforce can be a tricky but powerful tool. Using JSForce and some custom triggers you can integrate Salesforce with your custom NodeJS web application for better business management.

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March 4 2015
Paul Francis / Development
2015 SXSW Interactive Award logo

We are thrilled to announce that CareCycle Navigator, a web application we developed, is a SXSW Interactive Innovation Award finalist. This article will explore the technologies we used to build CareCycle Navigator, why we chose them, and what made them successful.

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September 8 2014
Brett Burnett / Development
NodeJS, CouchDB and MapReduce for World Cup 2014

When starting a Business Intelligence (BI) project the first challenge technical teams face is often the most difficult, "how do we shape our data to meet our needs?". Why is this difficult?

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