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Jason has been with BHW since 2007 and is responsible for account management as well as building web-based and mobile solutions. He is a father of two and enjoys cycling, playing guitar and woodworking.



August 8 2016
Jason Gray / Development
AngularJS logo - ngInfiniteScroll Example

In this article, I will review a place where I had previously created a function to load 30 days of patient data with a “Show More” button and how I switched that to an infinite scroll for a more elegant user experience as the application matured and we had greater amounts of older data that is only occasionally reviewed.

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March 2 2015
Jason Gray / Process
Sunshine Run Logo

In every profession that involves building something, there is a translation process where you take a designer or architect’s vision and make it a physical reality. Working for a web consulting company, we encounter a full spectrum of design/build projects for our clients.

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January 26 2015
Jason Gray / Business
Use the 90|8|7|3 rule to increase productivity

The 90|8|7|3 rule isn’t a magical mathematical or investment formula. It is, however, a formula that will help you perform your very best work, day after day and week after week, for years to come.

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September 23 2014
Jason Gray / Development
MongoDB logo

MongoDB is now the fifth most commonly used database in the world. Frequently clients approach MongoDB and NoSQL from an all or nothing position. They chose to completely adopt NoSQL or stay entirely with an RDBMS. Imagine a scenario where your company or your client’s company is heavily invested in the "Microsoft Stack" and has a mature on-line software product that has grown over many years.

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November 25 2013
Jason Gray / Development
unified search using Lucene

One of our clients provides an information-rich website for their customers, containing business data from multiple sources.  Like all companies, our client wants to make their content easily accessible for their website users; however, without a unified search for business data strategy our client could only provide search for a small portion of their data.

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