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December 8 2016
Paul Francis / Business
Austin Mobile App Development Summer Camp - 2016

We recently completed our first Mobile App Development Summer Camp and it was a great success! We hosted about 20 Austin-area (and even a couple from Houston) students at our 2-day interactive camp. During the camp, 7th-9th graders were able to learn directly from professional mobile app developers and designers. We discussed the processes and tools we use when creating apps and each group left with a completed click-through model of their own app!

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November 1 2016
Alex Delker / Design
Material Design cover image

Rush’s mobile repair order app is used by technicians working remotely on vehicles. The app allows technicians to track their time for each task performed, invoice replacement parts used, keep track of inspections, and send reports to customers. Our task was to bring clarity to Rush’s internal app using material design principles. In this redesign, we used our 4 step process to make the transition as smooth as possible.

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October 3 2016
Ross Dixon / Development
The React Native Logo. React Native is a framework for building native apps using React

React Native has quickly become our preferred way to write mobile apps. The ability to write code once and have it run well on both Android and iOS really helps development. But what about when we need to write platform specific, low level code? React Native lets us do that too! Via its Java bridge and JNI, we can run C code on Android (we'll cover iOS in a later article) and get the results back in JavaScript.

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August 23 2016
Paul Francis / Business
A SQL query used as an analogy of finding the best app developer for you!

Many, if not most, companies solicit outside help when building a web or mobile application. The problem is that there are numerous app development companies and app developers who could be hired for the job. How do you go about choosing the best fit for your particular project? In this article, I am going to share with you the things I would consider when selecting the development company for my next project.

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August 8 2016
Jason Gray / Development
AngularJS logo - ngInfiniteScroll Example

In this article, I will review a place where I had previously created a function to load 30 days of patient data with a “Show More” button and how I switched that to an infinite scroll for a more elegant user experience as the application matured and we had greater amounts of older data that is only occasionally reviewed.

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May 25 2016
Paul Francis / Business
2016 Austin Business Journal Best Places to Work List

The BHW Group is thrilled to announce that we have been selected as a 2016 Austin Business Journal’s Best Places to Work finalist. This nomination reflects our steadfast commitment to providing the best possible work environment and community. Employee happiness has been a core tenant at BHW since its founding 11 years ago. We built and continue to grow our company with this employee-first approach.

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March 22 2016
Paul Francis / Mobile
Screenshot of Chains. Chains is one of our new favorite mobile apps!

At BHW, we love making mobile apps. Whether they are apps for work, self improvement, or just for fun; we love designing and developing mobile apps. A large part of being a great mobile app development company is keeping up with the current trends and keeping an eye out for new and exciting apps. After all, you would never want to hire a mobile app developer who is not well versed in the current app store offerings!

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March 14 2016
Clayton Anderson / Development
Clayton Anderson Speaking on ReactJS at the March 2016 Austin ReactJS Meetup

At BHW, we are big fans of ReactJS and React Native. We have developed several web and mobile applications using these technologies and our Technical Strategist and Partner, Clayton Anderson, has been lead developer on many of those projects. He also wrote our internal React app template and trains all new BHW web and mobile developers. He was the presenter at the March 2016 Austin React and React Native Meetup. His presentation was titled "A Pragmatic Intro to React."

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