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August 11 2015
Taylor Smith / Development
Node & Salesforce logos

Salesforce can be a tricky but powerful tool. Using JSForce and some custom triggers you can integrate Salesforce with your custom NodeJS web application for better business management.

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August 4 2015
Carly Kubacak / Mobile
Wall of images - iOS photo picker

React Native is a framework for iPhone app development that uses native elements for the user interface and JavaScript to run and define the application logic. The framework exposes a subset of native iOS elements and also allows developers to create new, custom modules to perform actions that are not supported by the framework out of the box. The open source community has created a number of custom modules icons, image picker, camera that can be easily added to any React Native project.

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July 27 2015
Taylor Smith / Mobile
Using Cordova to make an iOS and Android app from an AngularJS web app

Cordova is Apache's tool to convert a web application into a native application. It supports all of the major mobile operating systems and provides the ability to use natie features like the camera, device status, and file system. There are a few frameworks out there that build off of this including Ionic and Phonegap. If you've heard of Phonegap, you may be familiar with this concept.

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July 13 2015
Paul Francis / Business
BI graph and chart examples

Business Intelligence (BI) is a broad field that involves collecting, processing, and analyzing large amounts of data to make more informed, and ultimately, more profitable decisions. Business Intelligence reporting is the most crucial and most apparent part of BI. It is the process of viewing this vast amount of data in a way that can be easily understood and often enables viewers to ask various questions of the dataset without needing to be a developer or database administrator.

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June 23 2015
Brett Burnett / Development
Isomorphic Web Design with React and Scala

Isomorphic web design is an approach to web development that is gathering momentum. The concept of Isomorphic web design is simple, dynamically generate HTML using either server or client rendering based on which approach yields the best experience for our audience. Server rendered content is very fast if built correctly; however, client rendered Single Page Applications (SPA's) have shown that they can offer faster page transitions leading to a more engaging user experience. Users typically equate the experience of using a SPA with mobile apps or desktop applications. Popular web-based e-mail clients like Gmail and Outlook 365 are textbook examples of well written SPA's. Users of these systems can fluidly navigate between reading, composing, searching, and managing e-mail without the jarring page flashes and loading delays associated with a typical server rendered web application.

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June 12 2015
Paul Francis / Mobile
Hybrid mobile apps built with HTML 5, Javascript, and CSS

Hybrid mobile apps are an attempt to reduce the cost and barrier to entry for mobile app development. They do this by targeting multiple platforms using a single codebase written in HTML, CSS, & Javascript. Apps that take this approach are created much in the same way that modern websites are made, but rather than being viewed in a mobile web browser, the app is placed inside a small native wrapper that allows it to be submitted to app stores and installed like any other mobile app. If all goes according to plan, developers will never have to write a single line of native code and users will not have the faintest idea that they are using a hybrid app.

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June 10 2015
Paul Francis / Business
Cost comparison of internal development vs. outsourcing

Given the vital role software plays in the success of modern companies, hiring the right software developers is critical. However, many companies have a hard time finding, attracting, training, and retaining skilled developers. Furthermore, the number of developers a company needs at any given time can vary greatly. For that reason, it makes sense for many companies to consider outsourcing their software development. This article will explore 7 reasons why you should consider hiring software development consultants.

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May 5 2015
Paul Francis / Mobile
Android logo

If you have written an Android app of even moderate size, you have likely implemented and utilized a SQLite Database. The internet is full of "helpful" examples on how to write the code needed to do this. Although many of these guides will get developers up and running, they can leave them stranded when it comes time to upgrade the app and by extension the app's database.

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